Applied Science

The Department of Applied Sciences in Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology comprises of Physics, Chemistry, Workshop and Mathematics departments. All the departments are having well equipped spacious laboratories with pleasant working environment. All the labs have ultra new apparatus and equipments to expose the students to new trends in the field of technology and science. The department has an established and well qualified faculty and supporting staff with long working experience. The students to teacher ratio is also maintained as per AICTE norms. The students are taught through systematic, continuous and synchronized process of teaching and learning followed by regular tutorials and seminars.

Dr. Man Singh Beniwal

HOD | Ph.D. (Mathematics)

DOJ: 01/08/1988

Dr. Ajay Gahlot

Associate Professor | Ph.D. (Physics), M.Tech.

DOJ: 01/06/2005

Dr. Brijpal Singh

Associate Professor | Ph. D., M.Tech.(Industrial Engineering), B.E.(Mechanical Engineering)

DOJ: 14/10/1992

Dr. Ajay Kumar

Associate Professor | Ph.D. (Simulation of Periodic Orbits)

DOJ: 17/09/2010

Mr. R. S. Rathee

Assistant Professor | M. Tech (Civil Engineering), B.E. (Civil Engineering)

DOJ: 30/10/1987

Dr. Sumita Dabas

Assistant Professor | Ph.D.(Chemistry), M. Sc. (Chemistry), NET-CSIR-UGC-2000

DOJ: 11/08/2003

Mr. Surender

Assistant Professor | CSIR-UGC NET/JRF

DOJ: 01/07/2006

Dr. Anju Ahlawat

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)

DOJ: 22/08/2006

Ms. Deeba Naqvi

Assistant Professor | M.Sc(Mathematics), NET- JRF Qualified.

DOJ: 01/07/2005

Mr. Rajbir Singh

Assistant Professor | M. Tech(CS)

DOJ: 26/09/2008

Mr. Jayesh Kumar

Assistant Professor | M.Tech., B.Tech., GATE Qualified

DOJ: 11/01/2010

Ms. Nidhi

Assistant Professor | M.Sc., CSIR-UGC (JRF)

DOJ: 20/01/2011

Dr. Sheela Devi Malik

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. (Physics)

DOJ: 14/11/2011

Dr. Anju Singh Dhillon

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. (Physics)

DOJ: 02/01/2012

Dr. Jindagi Kumari

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. (English), UGC NET Qualified

DOJ: 05/02/2015

Dr. Pooja Singh

Assistant Professor | Ph. D (Mathematics)

DOJ: 07/08/2015

Ms. Pooja Singh

Assistant Professor | M.Sc.| M.Tech., UGC NET, CSIR NET Qualified

DOJ: 24/07/2018

Dr. Reetu Siwach

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. (Mathematics)

DOJ: 25/07/2018

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. (Chemistry), M.Tech. (Polymers), M.Sc. (Chemistry)

DOJ: 28/07/2018



Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh

Professor | Deputy Director | Ph.D. (Physics)

DOJ: 19/12/2012

Dr. Sobinder Singh

HOD | Associate Professor | Ph.D. (Physics)

DOJ: 30/09/2009

Dr. Rekha Tripathi

Associate Professor | Ph.D. (Chemistry)

DOJ: 01/09/2009

Ms. Reenu Kumari

Assistant Professor | M.Sc.(Maths), NET Qualified

DOJ: 01/08/2011

Mr. Narender Singh malik

Assistant Professor | M.Tech. (Tool & Die Design)

DOJ: 31/12/2011

Dr. Gitanjali

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. (Mathematics), M.Phil.

DOJ: 10/02/2015

Dr. Rashmi Gupta

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. (English), M.Phil., M.A.

DOJ: 24/08/2015

Dr. Swati Chaudhary

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. (Chemistry)

DOJ: 24/07/2018

Mr. Sachin Dhull

Assistant Professor | M.Tech. (Mechanical)

DOJ: 01/01/2021



S.No. Name of the Staff Member Designation
First Shift
1 Sh. B. R. Yadav Instructor
2 Sh. O. P. Malik Instructor
3 Mr. Koshlendra Pal Tech. Assistant
4 Sh. R. K. Kaushik Instructor
Second Shift
1 Ms. Poonam Tech. Assistant
2 Ms. Vandana Tech. Assistant
3 Mr. Aakash Lab. Assistant